What are CoMET and Nova?

CoMET and Nova are the world’s metro benchmarking groups. They are a comprehensive programme of international urban railway benchmarking. Currently the two consortia are made up of 42 large and medium sized metro systems from 39 cities around the world. The groups are jointly owned and steered by the members, with project management, administration, and research carried out by the Transport Strategy Centre (TSC), at Imperial College London.

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CoMET and Nova Objectives

CoMET and Nova provide a confidential forum for metros to share experiences, compare performance, identify best practices, and learn from one another in order for member organisations to improve performance. All CoMET and Nova activities are carried out within a framework of confidentiality, to ensure open and honest information exchange among the member metros. Any information that is released externally is therefore anonymised.

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Benchmarking Groups

The following benchmarking groups are also facilitated by the RTSC at Imperial College London:
IBBG International Bus Benchmarking Group
ISBeRG Suburban Rail Benchmarking Group
ABBG American Bus Benchmarking Group
GOAL Benchmarking Group of North American Light Rail Systems
IMRBG (International Mainline Rail Benchmarking Group)
RIAMBG (Railway Infrastructure and Asset Management Benchmarking Group)
ABG (Airport Benchmarking Group)